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Why Mojoskart


Variety of themes available

You will find a variety of themes. Browse, search and fix your favorite one in a single click


No software to install or learn

No worries of software installation, operate this web store online from any part of the world.


Add sub-stores

Mojoskart also enables the store administrators to create sub stores based on their store.


Choose your own language

Mojoskart supports multi language, this helps the users to create their store in multiple languages according to their region or language.


Regular snapshots of stores

Mojoskart has this feature of regular backing up the store data so that these can be used to recover any data loss or malfunction occurs.


Free Help Guides, Customer Support Packages-enquiries

Mojoskart is packed with support guides and we are ready to answer all your enquiries.


Easily manageable admin panel

Once user register their store in Mojoskart, he/she will get a store where they can add their products and sell it. There is an admin panel for each users where they can manage their stores.


Supports all type of Indian payment gateways

Mojoskart supports all the indian payment gateways . The store administrators can set-up their payment gateways from the admin panel.


Supports Indian shipment services

Mojoskart supports Indian shipment service for shipping the products from the stores. The store administrator can setup their shipment service from the admin panel.


Better cache management & Faster sites

Mojoskart has a feature for managing cache of the websites or stores created. This helps the application to be faster.


One page checkout

The checkout in Mojoskart is based on the one page checkout. The checkout process is done in a page, and payment is done from this page.

What’s Mojoskart

Freedom to build

Your own shopping cart on one touch, Mojoskart is an e-selling platform where you can make your own shopping cart on 3 steps. More comfortable, personalized shopping cart on an affordable cost. You have freedom to build your own business on a single platform.

Persistent shopping cart:

A persistent shopping cart keeps track of unpurchased items left in the cart, and saves the information for the customer’s next visit. Customers who are “remembered” can have the contents of their shopping cart restored the next time they visit your store.

You can try build your shopping cart with free of cost, More secured, elastic, finetuned application.